Your email privacy is important!

I will never share your information with a third party. Communications sent via the online forms at or emails with me are only for my use and are kept confidential. My website is encrypted with a SSL connection to add an additional layer of protection.

If you’re concerned about online communications, it’s okay to provide only the most basic information and use general statements in the online contact forms or emails to me. You can save the details for the relative privacy of a phone call or in-person visit.

If you’re concerned that someone may see that you’ve visited my website, take a moment to clear your browser history before leaving the computer.

Please take a moment to read the information about what steps you can take to protect your privacy when communicating with me at Coulter Family Counseling, PLLC.

  1. The most important point in Email Security is protecting your email login details and messages. This is very important because of the security risks during data transmission, especially on mobile and wireless networks. For this purpose it is recommended to use encryption when checking / sending emails. This can be accomplished by using the methods outlined in this online article.
  2. The next thing to know about Email Security is how to fight SPAM (unsolicited email) and viruses. Below are some tips:
  • Make sure to have an updated antivirus program on your computer.
  • Update your email client and web browser to the latest version. Many viruses are targeted against outdated mail clients and browsers.
  • Do not open suspicious attachments even if the sender might look familiar.
  • Avoid subscribing to free newsletters, lotteries or other similar activities. This can result in an increased number of spam messages in your inbox.
  • Protect your domain from being spoofed by spammers using an SPF record. Email spoofing will make you receive bounced back messages you have not sent.

Please see my information on Why I don’t take insurance for additional information on privacy.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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