Creating Good Habits

I have not written a blog in a while. As I was thinking about it, I realized I did not create a routine or form a habit of writing. I would have ideas but not write them down. Which brings me to the concept of creating good habits for ourselves. According to Jeremy Dean, an author and psychologist, and his research, a good habit takes a while to form. The research showed that it takes 21 days to form a habit but that depends on the type of habit and the person. The harder the habit, more likely it will take longer to form. What I take away from that is to take baby steps when trying to develop good habits. Pick an attainable goal. For example, exercise and nutrition are often good habits we try to set for ourselves. Start out small, like walking after work a few days per week and just becoming aware of what we are eating. If you try to change everything about your diet and set goals to exercise every day, the more likely you will burn out and fall back into old habits. Once you create the easier habits, then gradually move on to harder ones. All in all, change is hard but make sure you set realistic expectations and celebrate daily when you meet your goal. I am celebrating today because I posted a blog and then I will work on following my own advice!

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